Saturday, August 05, 2006

Looking for brains and wandering aimlessly

First Thursday was a nice night out. We spent a good bit of time at Jo's Coffee listening to awesome blues by Gary Primich and Mike Keller. He's a great guitar player, one of my favorites in town. Always a reliable good time. Gary asked me to pass around the tip jar for them. I guess I looked honest and there for the music. [grin]

I didn't get the scoop on it* (see below for the scoop), but there was a whole parade of zombies making the rounds. They were bloodied and hungry and calling for brains (typical zombies!). They must be making another zombie movie in Austin. I know some people who have gotten to play zombies in other films, I don't even know the names of them, straight to DVD I'm sure. Looks like fun anyway. I said to Mr. B, "See anyone we know"? Chatted with the guy who turned a school bus into an art/photo gallery, all about remodeling and travelling around in a bus (we used to have an old school bus in the 60s/70s), and Mr. Blueberry won free tickets to Alejandro Escovedo at the Glenn. Thank you again, KGSR!

Jo's is the best place for people-watching!

*EDIT update: The zombies are the cast of a zombie stage musical. There is also a zombie musical film being made in Austin, so there are extra zombies around.
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Coeur Mechant said...

If you'd like to see a zombie musical foreign film, check out The Happiness of the Katakuris directed by Takashi Miike. There's animated clay figures in a couple of scenes, too.

The story centers around a family who buys an inn up in the mountains to escape the pace of city life. Their guests keep dying on them. It's been described as the Von Trapp family meets Evil Dead.

Blueberry said...

CM: Sounds like a real hoot!