Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Killer! Psycho! Critters! Oh my!

Seems like there is just one weird story after the next, and not weird in a good way. Some real X-Filey stuff here. The fear of wasps is called spheksophobia, and the fear of bees is called apiphobia or melissophobia. I rather prefer the latter because remember how on The X-Files the bees were an integral part of the mythology, and Fox Mulder's abducted sister was named Melissa? Coincidence? I think not...

In Southern Alabama they are finding these giant nests, larger than local entomologists have ever seen. Now that is one ruined 1955 Chevy! Another story in the news this week, killer bees killed a 39 year old man in Arizona... 300 stings! And here's a real story as scary as a movie plot: Bees on a plane! Thousands of them! Luckily the plane was not in the air when they took it over.

Then there's the story out of Washington state (where it's still too cool for Africanized Killer Bees and Giant Mutant Yellowjacket nests big as a Volkswagen), they are dealing with a bunch of badass raccoons that have already killed 10 cats.

All I have to say is keep your animals in and don't go out the door without a bee-proof suit.

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Michael Bains said...

Sounds like Hizbollah 'coons. They're having trouble coming to grips with their lost territory, decades after there is anything they can really do about it.

Blueberry said...

The raccoons have every right to be mad, that's for sure. Don't know if they are mad or rabid. That might be the same thing.