Friday, August 18, 2006

Just a glass of water and an order of whoop ass

I understand that Karl Rove is in town this weekend for a dinner and fundraiser. View the invitation over at the Pink Dome, and a lovely thing it is, what could be more inviting than his picture? That's why I would suggest wearing this sweater:

From Steal This Sweater.

EDIT: Mr. B and I are soooo in sync. I found this forwarded message from him in my inbox. Looks like an event:
I KNOW THIS IS VERY SHORT NOTICE BUT PLEASE, PLEASE, COME IF YOU CAN! The press will be notified and hopefully our signs will appear in the media!

Kim McIntosh,


Citizen’s Arrest of Karl Rove!
Saturday, August 19th @ 5:30PM
Meet up with Cindy Sheehan, CODEPINK Austin, and National CODEPINK to make a citizen’s arrest of Rove for his numerous crimes.

Bring signs, banners, and any thing else to let Rove and his supporters know that there is a new branch of law enforcement in town and we plan to hold them accountable.

We will gather outside the parking garage of the Renaissance Hotel. If you are facing the main entrance of the hotel, the garage is on your right.

- - - - -


Michael Bains said...

So are ya goin'? Are ya? Are ya?


Have fun, but stay outta the way of the pepper spray, eh.

Blueberry said...

Sure is tempting!! Just might do, depending on Mr. B. Trying to think what I would write on my sign...