Sunday, August 27, 2006

Heating up and chillin'

Trying to stay cool in these 100+ temperatures (will these never end?), so no Hot Sauce Festival or Keep Austin Weird run and music festival. Let's see what did happen... I had a very nice birthday on Thursday watching the Mother Truckers at the Continental Club. Got a pic taken with Josh and Teal and a happy birthday from the stage (ain't nuthin' better for a music junkie like me).

Saturday morning there was a cat-related incident. We have 2 cats who are never allowed to meet because it would result in a death-match that's very difficult, painful and bloody to break up. 2 cats who live in the same house 100% of the time. Alex, the aggressive little sneak, managed to get past me and into the room with Jax. Alex is a skinny little cat-hating scrapper bully. Jax is twice the size of Alex, more than twice as strong, has the largest teeth any of his vets have ever seen... and although he's not mean, he fancies himself to be top cat... plus before we took him in he was a street cat who has actually killed plenty of animals for food (and all those other cat reasons for killing stuff).

So there they were, both in the same room, and I was in a panic (which means I was screaming and running around like a nut), and fell down on the tile floor in the process, managed to get back up and capture Alex just as the two had gotten eye contact -- in another second they would have gone at each other full force. I think my screaming and ranting actually helped -- it distracted them from each other to me long enough for me to get hold of Alex and eject him from the room like a grenade with a pulled pin. Everybody got stressed (Jax peed on the floor) but nobody was hurt except for me. I got a major ugly bruise on the knee and lots of general aches and pains. Good grief.

Saturday night we went to see a band we hadn't seen before, The Band Of Heathens (they seem to go by "The Heathens" unofficially, and my guess is that they added the rest of it because there's already a band called "The Heathens"). Really a good band, and love this logo! I got a shirt, just for that reason. I think I qualify as a heathen by this definition:
Function: noun
1: an unconverted member of a people or nation that does not acknowledge the God of the Bible
2: an uncivilized or irreligious person

So I can be a proud heathen and support this band at the same time. (I wonder if I'm "uncivilized". I don't think so.)

Saturday Morning Screamfest and Cat Fight. There's a good band name too. OUCH.

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pissed off patricia said...

Wow, I'm actually able to get to your comment screen. Haven't had that luck at many sites today. I think blogger is way sick these days.

Did you hurt yourself when you fell? Good thing the cats didn't meet and declare war.

I'm so amazed to be able to leave a comment somewhere that I hate to stop writing. :)

Blueberry said...

Blogger is a terror today! I've managed to leave a few comments, but.... it.... takes.... forever.... Also I've been trying to post something all afternoon and it won't upload my photo for anything. Well, free is free.

I just have a really sore knee, a little swollen. Better than letting those 2 fight it out.