Monday, August 14, 2006

Snakes on a Day, all snakes, on a plane, all day

Well, this is pretty crazy, for sure, but it's for a good cause... especially considering that this movie (like all horror movies that play on people's phobias about critters) is going to stir up even more snake hatred than there is now. Remember that venomous snakes need love too. Doesn't everyone? Well, maybe not Dick Cheney.

It's a S.o.a.P (Snakes on a Plane) watching 24 hour endurance marathon being held at the Alamo Drafthouse (where else?) that takes place the day before it officially opens. The charity which benefits is Here's how it works: if you make it through the whole thing - you pay nothing. If you leave after one show, you pay $1000. Then the amount is divided in half after each viewing (2 shows = $500, 3 shows = $250, etc.) Oh yeah, and they are filming the event for a documentary.

[Snakes on a Day Alamo Event link] [Snakes on a Day website]

There's no way we can afford something like this, but are going on to the Alamo on opening day. There should be plenty of costumes and home-grown S.o.a.P shirts along with a rowdy B-movie loving crowd. I wanted to come up with something - maybe Indiana Jones yelling from the biplane "THERE'S A SNAKE IN THE PLANE!!" No time for that though, it's not as though I have nothing to do but design weird t-shirts that most people won't get (even though those are the best kind).

I am not afflicted with Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes). This article suggests that the fear of snakes and spiders comes to humans through evolution, but that's hard to buy without more evidence. If that were the case, wouldn't it be universal? What do I know? I'm no scientist, that's for sure.

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Michael Bains said...

It wouldn't take much of an excuse to get me back to San Anton; just more $$ than I've got.

And hey, may be you're no scientist but, like me, you sho be a snake! We're good for puttin' a li'l fear in some folk, anyhow. {-;

Blueberry said...

You'd love the Alamo, but it's not the old historical relic in San Antonio, it's a movie theatre with a full restaurant menu, chefs, beer, wine, the works (they will probably have snake on the menu until this movie leaves), and the people who created it are hard-core movie nuts who know their stuff. They've got 7 of these theatres now (in TX) plus rolling roadshows, like bussing people up to Crawford to watch Farenheit 911, or showing Close Encounters out at Devil's Tower, and a lot wilder and more bizarre than that. If you ever visit this area, you gotta go there!!

Actually, I'm a Chinese Astrological Snake (ssssssssssssssss). Some people think snakes are of the devil, and they think atheists are of the devil, so I guess I'm a double devil.

Michael Bains said...

Exactamundo amiga!

And I'll be sure to check an Alamo out when I'm back yonder.