Sunday, August 06, 2006

Heroes and Villians

Another movie night at church on Friday. It was a showing of "America: Freedom to Fascism" which just left the theatres. Truthfully, quite a few reviews of this that I'd seen had pretty much dismissed it as libertarian evangelism encouraging people to stop paying taxes, so I was ready to write it off as uninteresting. That's not the case, that is deceptive on their part (the critics). I can't believe that those people really watched it. OK, as a movie I would critique it by saying that it was like 2 separate parts: one gritty factual human drama where we are given a certain amount of evidence that, in fact, there is no law requiring people to tax on their wages, and some situations that have arisen with people and the IRS. Simple as that. Fascinating and worthy of much study! If there is such a law, someone should point it out. That would end the controversy. The second part is the frightening paranoid speculation about the World government that may be unstoppable, Real ID and RFID and the implications of all world citizens being in a common ID database, and eventually chipped. When I said paranoid, I didn't mean there was no reason to be afraid. As the saying goes, "Just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they aren't out to get you". Anyway, the movie is worth seeing if you can find it. It's always good to check things out for yourself, make up your own mind.

Saturday we went to the IMAX to see Superman Returns on the 50 ft. screen and (partially) in 3-D! The IMAX is the ONLY way to see a movie like this. Just fabulous even when the movie is marginal. The 3-D effects were not that successful. If you want a great IMAX 3-D experience, go and see Deep Sea 3-D. As for the movie, it's OK. Kevin Spacey is always good, but you know, they could just cast Dick Cheney as Lex Luthor and there would be no acting required. Overall the movie had more religious overtones than I like, and the characters pretty flat.

Saturday night we re-watched "V for Vendetta", so now, after 2 police state documentaries (the other one was on Wednesday night) and this fiction one, I am in a heightened state of freak-out and paranoia.

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