Monday, August 21, 2006

War Criminals

Did not go to the anti-Rove rally [News 8] [Statesman] [Statesman slideshow] but did go to the Bush Crimes Commission panel discussion last night.

The panelists carry some cred. This is taken from the website:

Ann Wright resigned from the U.S. diplomatic corps in March, 2003 in opposition to the war on Iraq. A retired U.S. army colonel and career diplomat, she served in Somalia, Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and reopened the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, in December 2001.

Ray McGovern, Retired CIA analyst. In 2003, McGovern founded Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS).

Larry Everest, a journalist and author of Oil, Power, and Empire: Iraq and the U.S. Global Agenda. He has covered the Middle East and Central Asia for over 20 years for Revolution newspaper and other publications.

The audience always has a lot of good comments and questions. One woman stated the obvious, if Bush is impeached, don’t we get Cheney? Well, yeah, of course. That’s why Cheney needs to be held accountable as well. The goal of this organization is not specifically impeachment, it’s holding guilty parties accountable for war crimes, cause for impeachment if anything is. You might think that an audience for something like this would be all liberal Democrats, but it’s really not so. I would say it’s largely Libertarian, based on people who make comments anyway, probably a third to half.

Listening to speakers like these does tend to give me some hope. It seems like this is an ant trying to push over an elephant, and in a way it is, but it’s important to not let people forget what is really happening. The charges are aimed at the entire administration and are defined here on their website.

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pissed off patricia said...

I am keeping my little ray of hope protected because I want it to grow into a great big ray of hope some day. Over the past three and a half years I have had other little rays of hope but those were killed off by the activites of our government.