Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AY CEE EL time again

Well, I was calling sour grapes back when I wasn't able to get the early bird cheap tickets for this, but it's all sweet now with these passes! Thank yoooou, nice person who got these for us! I like the lineup a lot, and it's looking like the temperatures will stay in the 90s (even 97 is better than the 108 degree record-breaker they had last year).

Would dearly love to go to the Austin City Limits TV taping tomorrow night starring Calexico. My friend called frantically to let me know that if I had super powers I could get over to the location where the tickets would be given out for the next 20 minutes. [sighh] One of these days I want to go to one of those. Oh well, I can see them on Saturday at the heatfest.

- - - - -


Ptelea said...

This is a very nice contrast to the last post! Some good news.

Blueberry said...

Yes! Some good news for a change.