Monday, September 04, 2006

Dark Side of the Rainbow - review

Went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see Dark Side of the Rainbow - they show The Wizard of Oz with the sound off, and play Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. OK, it really does seem to have to weird coincidental "sync" moments, mainly in the duration of the the album's first playing (yes... it needs to play on repeat to complete the whole experience.) During the second two playings, there are some things that seems to be in sync but not as many.

The site I linked above (for Dark Side of the Rainbow) called "Turn me on, dead man" is quite appropriately named. If you remember first-hand that "Paul is dead" frenzy when we started playing our vinyl backwards and frantically searching for more clues, this could be in that same category. There is some of it that I think HAD to have been engineered by John Lennon and his unique sense of humor (although he denied it), and some things that were products of our own paranoid frenzy (I didn't learn for many years that John was not saying "I buried Paul", he was saying "raspberry sauce" with a thick accent. Yes, really.)

The Alamo serves booze along with the rest of the full restaurant menu, but in this case I was wishing for a serving of very short duration, no lingering effects recreational hallucinogenic drugs to enhance and improve the whole experience. It would have made more of a "believer" out of me and there would be less of that "oh come on now, you don't really think...". Also, they had the volume up so loud that I needed earplugs. Very loud.

My recommendations:
Rent the movie, and set it all up to watch/listen at home. Set the music player up to "repeat" (it takes about 2.5 cycles). That way if by the third Pink Floyd spin you are a bit wearied by it, crank it down a little or a lot... or put on the real Wizard of Oz audio.

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream... it's kind of trippy.

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pissed off patricia said...

A trippy thing. I am dealing with all kinds of "trippy" things. First my computer has turned into a monster and second blogger is being a monster. I did read about the book meme and I may take a rain check until my world quits tripping without me. Thank you very much for thinking of me with the meme.

Blueberry said...

Are you on a PC (windows)? Sometimes I find that Blogger refuses to work on Internet Explorer for Windows but will work using Firefox. Other times it works better. Macs have different issues. It's always sumthin'.

frequencydip said...

I don't think was intentional at all but its spooky how well it lines up. especially this scene where the tin man moves to the sound of the guitar...