Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vice President Thingy

Someone mentioned that they are sometimes dealing with a censoring filter that displays certain words as *expletive deleted*. Sometimes these things can produce funny results. One of my forums that I visit does that, and one of the words it won't display is "dick"... even if it's someone's name!! So our Vice President is *expletive deleted* Cheney. Well, that's certainly appropriate. but what about nice Dicks like Dick Cavett, Dick Clark, or Dick and Jane (really scraping to come up with some nice Dicks... I know they're out there)

I was the admin for a board, and rather than putting in the same old boring *expletive deleted* you could customize what word or phrase would be substituted for what. So if the user typed "asshole" or "arsehole", their post would say "not a very nice person". "Kiss my ass" was "I disagree" (everyone was very well-behaved there though, and the occasion for such a label never came up). All the male organs (including our dear old VP) would come up as "thingy", and then there was "girl thingy" for the others. "Slut" translated to "very 'friendly' person". "Ass" translated to "butt", and it was pretty weird seeing the word "bluegrass" translated to "bluegrbutt". (There was a separate setting for only doing the stand alone word, so I needed to change it right away. These subs were all the default settings).

How did you do on your exam?

I pbutted.

Why you little pregnant dog!

You very 'friendly' person!

I disagree!

No!! I disagree!!

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