Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Cat - Open that door!!

Knock, knock!!

Who's there?

I said who's there???


hmmmm... on closer inspection, I'm not so sure there's any candy. Are you sure??

Knock, knock!!

Who's there?



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Ptelea said...

My Wiskerz is not so polite - he SCRATCHES at the door until I can't take it anymore and let or out, as the case may be. I took a photo ( of my land shark on Thursday as well but he was too lazy to even raise his head!

Blueberry said...

Looks like Wiskerz is taking a nap with his boots on!

In Jax's case, I couldn't help but think that "land shark" was a more polite term than "beached whale". He's a big boy (and he's actually slimmed down a lot since we took him in).

Michael Bains said...

I love that sketch! And Jax's performance is Emmy Quality.