Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Steve Irwin, Crocodile Hunter

Oh man. I am really very sad about this. I really admired Steve Irwin because of the way he lived his life for the preservation of animals and the environment. Did you know he was also an atheist? Bet you didn't. Not surprising when you consider his level of passion for this life and this world.

His MySpace profile (yes, it's really his), has some little personal things that may not have appeared on his official website (which, at this moment, just has a media statement on it). If you have a MySpace profile, you can log in and look at his photos that he has posted there. In this picture is a Wombat named "Minibus". Crocodile Hunter is a misleading nickname. Wouldn't it be great if the intention of all hunters was "I'm going to hunt you down and help you, try to save your life and the lives of others, fix what's not working out the best way for everyone, and do it by risking my own life"? I will always wish that I could have lived my life more like this man, but I realize that own strengths, phobias, and general personality type made it impossible. I have to be the best person that I can be, and I believe that he did that.

-- Sydney Morning Herald -- Leave condolences -- Wikipedia/Steve Irwin -- AP news -- Reuters -- This song, True Blue [.ram] by John Williamson will be featured at the Memorial --

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Anonymous said...

If he was an atheist and truly believed that there's nothing more after this life, maybe that's why he lived his life so fully.

Blueberry said...

I think it does encourage a greater appreciation for the here and now, even for desk-jockeys like me.

My reference for that is his MySpace profile which I added to my top friends in July. It looked genuine to me (you have to be intuitive about those things, they can be fraudulent and this one might have been but I don't think so), and obviously someone else had access to it since it now contains an R.I.P, but it stated atheist for religious preference. I have been searching for quotes to see if he ever stated otherwise and have found nothing, no mention of god or prayer, so far anyway.

Anonymous said...

IF he was and atheist, you can bet he is a believer now. Sadly, its too late to do anything about it. I have serious doubts that it is HIS Myspace site. He cant exactly give himself a RIP wish, and why would anyone else have access to it? I doubt his wife would have gone on to update it. It is someone with an agenda and they are using his name to make it.

Blueberry said...

Anon: You can bet on whatever you like, but I would certainly NOT bet that he is a believer now, and I would not bet that he was a believer while alive.

There's no way to know for sure if that particular MySpace profile was his, but IF it was, someone else obviously had access to it, which is not uncommon at all for a celebrity. I can tell you that from personal experience since I work for several bands, none of whom are nearly as famous as Steve Irwin. I personally have access to some MySpace accounts that do not belong to me and it IS with permission of the owners.

I have still not heard or read ANY quotes from him where he mentions God, prayer, etc. and that is my evidence.

So... if you are laying bets and want to back it up with evidence, I would like to see it. Seriously. I'm not being smart-ass, I would like to see it, for real. So show me.