Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday Cat - Clawed

Here he is! The little boy next door who is trying to steal my heart! When the brother and sister duo first emerged from their mom's watchful eye, this little stinker ran up our tree and posed for this picture way back in June. That's when I nicknamed him "Cheeta" but now I know that his real name is "Claw"
Claw and his sister, who is named Heart, are a couple of real sweethearts. Look how he has taken over Mr. Blueberry (who is even more of a kitty-cat pushover than I am).
Next week I'll show off sister Heart. The camera loves them both, and so do we. purrrrrrrrrr.
Get your own customized official seal here. Link snagged from MichaelBains.

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whaleshaman said...

uh-oh, just one glance....and you're in trouble, captured once again!

Michael Bains said...

niiice Official Seal!


Sometimes you make me miss my Caeser. {sighhh} And I'm not so much of a pet person. He was my buddy though. Claws an' all.

Ptelea said...

'trying to steal your heart' - I would say he already has!!

Blueberry said...

Pt: I would agree. Such a pair of sweeties they are.