Friday, September 01, 2006


Being a little apprehensive about replacing this blog template, this is my compromise. It is not enough for this President to be impeached. The whole administration must go, and by "go", I mean "go to prison".

Here are some links on war crimes and the case for impeachment:

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pissed off patricia said...

that's my post today, impeachment isn't enough

Blueberry said...

Yes, I've dropped by over there. We are in sync this morning (maybe I should have a martini). I am not going to accept Cheney for President unless he is under indictment.

Michael Bains said...

Holy Impeachment Process, Blueberry! I TOTALLY forgot what day it is!

I'll get right on it!

By the way; You've been tagged. {-;

Frederick said...

Great links!

sumo said...

Yes...thanks for the good links. I was worried also about the whole page thing...I'm not computer I did what came easiest for me. Nothing fancy but it make a point.