Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bonus Cat - Baby on Board

One of the things I like about the weekly Friday cat-blogging is that the Carnival of the Cats is politically neutral. The idea of it is for all us to put aside our political differences for just one post a week for the sake of the animals and our need to show them to the world. Most of the blogs that link to me on Technorati are conservative blogs who have hosted the Carnival and linked to my kitties. So... weird world, and surprise, surprise, conservatives need cat love too. I put this bonus one up because the bumper stickers are definitely not neutral, and it won't be in the Carnival. This is the baby boy who lives next door (and everywhere!!) with his sister. Isn't he a charmer? Also on Cute Overload there was a feature post on the Crocodile Hunter... and a cat. After that Bush mug I needed to post some cuteness for balance.


Ptelea said...

He is a charmer! This reminds me of how my cat sometimes uses my back as a platform or stepping stone if I bend over in the kitchen to pick something up while he is on the counter! (you have to have kitties to know what I'm talking about!)

pissed off patricia said...

I sure do know what ptelea is talking about. Been there, had cat do that. One of our cats used to lay on Mr Pop's back when he did push-ups. That same cat would hop in his briefcase and sleep if he forgot and left it open.