Friday, September 08, 2006

Survey says... whatever I want

Why even bother asking cats and dogs political questions when you are going to make up the answers anyway?

Bush and Lieberman pollster admits making stuff up
According to a federal indictment, Costin told employees to alter poll data, and managers at the company told employees to "talk to cats and dogs" when instructing them to fabricate the surveys.

FBI Special Agent Jeff Rovelli said 50 percent of information compiled by DataUSA and transmitted to Bush's campaign was falsified, the Connecticut Post reported Thursday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Chang said on several occasions when the company was running up against a deadline to complete a job, results were falsified. Sometimes, the respondent's gender or political affiliation were changed to meet a quota, other times all survey answers were fabricated.

via POAC.


Michael Bains said...

Yah, but Dogs and Cats might be more inspirin' to Dubya's pollsters.

Blueberry said...

I think my cat Alex is a Republican anyway. Where did we go wrong?? [sob]