Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Band name of the week

Austin's own:


Actually haven't seen them yet. They sound pretty good though. Check out their Myspace for some music, I don't think they have a "real" website yet. Acoustic soul, very living room laid back.

With a name like that though... I mean, it's fun! I want a T-shirt... but they are probably not going to be featured on Austin City Limits any time soon... but that's such a lofty goal you might as well go ahead and call yourself Shit Howdy.

Remember how people used to refuse to say "Butthole Surfers" (coincidentally, another Austin band), and they'd censor the name in the CD bins, blah blah blah. Now it's perfectly OK to say butthole. I'm not picturing the morning news crew saying, "Stay tuned for our special musical guests, Shit Howdy! Back after these messages."

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pissed off patricia said...

It's a great name, but we know they aren't going to be able to get the attention they may deserve with it. That's sad.

I want a t-shirt too

Michael Bains said...

Arrgh! All I get of the name through my work's Internet connection is **expletive** Howdy.

It does that for parts of words as well. I can type "shit" right here, and you'll probably be able to read it. But I won't once the comment posts.


I'll be checkin' back when I get home. I couldn't comment on the Kinky post for some reason anyway.

Blueberry said...

I'm thinking "Shiite Howdy" would be a nice alternate band name for them that wouldn't get censored. ;-)

Of course, that's a totally different kind o' howdy.