Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A bit ambiguous

I took this quiz called "Are You Gay?". I'm sure I clicked the box that said female, but it still tested me as a male. So now I am a slightly gay male. Either that, or I used to be female and was cured by Ted Haggard's therapists.
Here are your results.
You scored a -27.5%
Slightly Gay.
So, you are a little more in touch with your feminine side than most guys. You also have a keen sense of fashion, style and love to clean. This could either mean that you are in the closet about your true self or you're just one super nice stylish dude!

Well, this is a hoot. They didn't exactly give me a good choice of magazines or favorite sports or "reasons to go to a bar". [snort]

If you take any of their quizzes, it will ask you at the end for some bogus info, like address and phone number.

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