Friday, March 30, 2007

Catblogging - Henry's least favorite place

In his carrier.

He's getting a general checkup. Since he's 15 I wanted to get bloodwork done, which turned out just fine! It's so nice to have those results! I was worried about his middle feeling lumpy and the doctor said he's lost some weight and his fat shifted around. Doesn't sound attractive, I know, but on Henry it all looks good.

Best cat I've ever met. No contest, he wins. EDIT April 5: This is Henry's April Fool pic over on this week's Carnival of the Cats. He says that thing tickles, but won't interfere with his 20-hour nap.

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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

Not a happy looking Henry! I wonder if he is planning your punishment.

Blueberry said...

Even his revenge is cute. He can't help it.

Ptelea said...

What a mad looking Henry! (yet SO cute)My Wiskerz absolutely hates his carrier. We have a battle royale every time he has to go to the vet!