Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please don't kill me

I am not a "giant mosquito"!!! I am not a mosquito at all, I am a Crane Fly. I am a sign of Spring, and should be a welcome sight. Lot's of people call me a "Mosquito Hawk" and they think I eat mosquitoes. I don't! I don't eat mosquitoes, I don't vant to drink your blahd, I don't bite, sting or hurt people, and in fact, after I become an adult I don't eat at all (and you were probably wondering how I stay so slender)! I live only long enough to mate, so take pity on this poor awkward, gangly fly and let me do my business and enjoy my short little life. Here in Central Texas I am out looking for love right now, but by the time the real mosquitoes show up, I will be a decomposed memory. You can swat those mosquitoes all you want.

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Nava said...

Fair enough.
I am convinced.

Hope you find the ONE.

Mando Mama said...

Dear Crane,
Good luck with your conquest, and thanks for clearing things up. However I'm sure you must have cousins that look like you who have these long needly things on their heads? Why, o WHY must you look so frightful?

Anonymous said...

Pheeeeeeeeeeew! That sure clears this up a bit. You guys are loving each other all over our yard in Stockbridge, Georgia. You sure do have us surrounded. This is our first time seeing you all in such masses. My 8 year old twins, the five year old and the two year old were losing their minds trying to figure out how to say farewell to you "mega mosquitoes" for good. Now they are pleased to know they have nothing to fear. Spring is certainly in the air!

Rita-Renee aka

Anonymous said...

And my husband is relieved to know he doesn't have to go on a crazed Internet hunt for an all natural mosquito repellent besides his cordless bug zapper.

By the way, I discovered that garlic does the trick.


Blueberry said...

Nothing to fear from this fly, which can be pretty big and scary looking! It couldn't bite you if it wanted to. It just wants to mate, lay its eggs somewhere in the mulch or dead leaves, and move on... so to speak.

amandasblognews44 said...

Mitigator Rules!
I can recommend a new “scrub” product called “Mitigator Sting & Bite Treatment”; to say that it is terrific is an understatement! It actually removes venom by exfoliating the top layer of skin, opening the pores and drawing out the toxins. I had instant relief from pain and itching and all traces of the sting disappeared within minutes. I found it on the web at which is their military website. I called and they sold me (6) ½ ounce packages for about $2.00/pack (each resealable pack treats about 20 stings or bites). The only thing that can create a problem is if you wait too long to apply it, it should be rubbed in vigorously within the first few minutes after the bite or sting – the longer you wait, the less effective it is. I’ve used it on bees, wasps, fire ants (no blisters even appeared), mosquitoes and chiggers. They say it works on jellyfish but I’m a long way from the ocean so I haven’t needed it for that problem. No smelly chemicals, works great and is even safe for kids (the scrubbing replaces scratching so – no secondary infections). I should make a commercial for them!

Blueberry said...

Maybe you just did! Well, that's OK, sounds like it's on topic.

You won't need it for Crane Flies though. They don't sting. Fire ants are a bitch though.