Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How about a sane idea? Anyone? Please?


Using technology to reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air is a worthy cause, right? Worthy of investing some $$ into. Most reasonable and rational people wouldn’t argue with that. But look at some of the insane and frightening things that people have come up with by using those mega-bucks. There’s the space mirrors and smoke that I blogged about previously, and now the space sun shade that will create a cloud of “Frisbees” to deflect the sun’s rays (maybe these are essentially the same project, and equally frightening and crazy).

How about seeding the ocean with iron to create plankton to eat up the CO2? They’ve already started this venture with 50-tons of iron dust. Yes… it’s underway, and this is following the same experiment on a smaller scale. The CEO of the company involved claims there will be no ill effects on climate or marine life. I’m convinced, aren’t you? They are pitching themselves as “green”. That’s not surprising.

Then there’s the idea for making a fake volcano to inject tons of sulfur into the air to cool things down. It won’t remove any CO2, but… hey… cooler is cooler, right? How about installing fake “trees”, or rather a bunch of ugly devices to gather up the CO2 so it can be shipped elsewhere… you know… over to the CO2 dump. Yes, that’s part two of the problem… they will have to put it somewhere.

See the link at the top for more in-depth coverage, including relevant links to some of these projects.


beepbeepitsme said...

What they are looking at here is carbon sequestration. Which, according to my understanding, involves storing the CO2 underground so that it doesn't get into the atmosphere.

Garbage dumps under the earth containing high levels of CO2 doesn't sound like a great idea to me either.

Blueberry said...

CO2 sequestration involving great quantities scares me. I'm not that reassured that "everything will be fine, it won't hurt a thing".