Sunday, March 11, 2007

My visual DNA

This was fun! Found it over on Silly Humans. Can you tell I have beach envy? This is a great town and I love it more than anyplace I've lived (and that's lots of places) but there's no beach, no surf, no waves... and with these sick furbabies we can't even spare the time to go there... so near yet so far (and of course Texas beaches are not in the same league with some others... but it doesn't even matter because we can't go). Going to the beach is put up there as something I like to do. It's also something I never do. I have vacation envy of all you folks who actually have free time. I have zero. By free time I mean time with nothing on the schedule. Nothing. I would love to just sit there and look at my sandy feet sometime.

As for the grossness, why do these women puff up their lips? It makes you look like a fish... NOT Angelina Jolie. Hers are real. Even beauties like Priscilla Presley and Cher have ruined their looks with this damned process. Just my worthless opinion.


Mando Mama said...

LOL! Music and the ocean. What more is there?

I had a very hard time choosing between the woman poofing up her lip and the hairy-backed man. In the end, the hairy back won out. I dunno why, it's helpless gross as opposed to self-inflicted gross, perhaps.

From one escape artist to another,

Undeniable Liberal said...

That was cool, and in my case, frightenly accurate, thanks.

MichaelBains said...

A bunch of those had me just about flippin' a coin to choose. I always choose tails and your "My Love" was heads, so...

Coolish Blueberry.