Monday, March 12, 2007

Origin of Species

This song has really funny lyrics, it pokes fun at creationism, intelligent design, and all that stuff. The artist, Chris Smither, will be in town next week, but I kind of doubt that we will end up seeing him with our crazy schedule.


Mando Mama said...

Chris Smither! He's a stitch, and a damn fine guitarist. My parting gift to the ex was that he got to keep the Smither. I hope you get a chance to check him out. That garbage car in that other post might be that car from his song, "Let it go."

Thanks for this treat!

Hill said...

Great posts, Blueberry! And I do love the art car. Austin rocks!

beepbeepitsme said...

LOL - I love the video - an added plus is that it has that bluegrass feel to it. Dunno if that is the style he would call it, but it sounds like that to me.