Thursday, March 15, 2007

Catblogging - Duncan's haircut

We like to call it a "reverse vertical mohawk". Actually Duncan has the same haircut on the other side. They do this at the vet when they take fluids from his lungs, so he is getting used to being shaved regularly. He's not even embarrassed about it anymore, and he knows that we think he's adorable no matter what kind of haircut he has.

Looks like he's playing Superman without a cape (deriving his powers from catnip), but he's just lounging in the tub. Who doesn't enjoy that once in a while? Cats just prefer doing it without the water. EDIT: Monday morning. Duncan thanks Sonnybob for the cape. Of course he will look good in it. He looks good in everything!

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Hill said...

Tub lounging. Life is good, yes?