Sunday, September 16, 2007

ACL Day 3

Today, still recovering from humid heat, I wasn't physically prepared to endure another long day in the blazing heat so I talked MrB into getting there later in the day, and that's how it went. I mainly wanted to see the Decemberists, and the rest of the festival was optional. We watched Amos Lee from the same stage right before, but the Decemberists' fans were more hardcore than I was, so I was unable to get closer than second level back -- so when MrB bailed, I compromised and settled for a spot in front of the sound board. This band is very popular and get lots of airplay in Austin. Are they as popular in your town too? It was our first time to see them, although they've played here a few times. We loved this show and can't wait to see the band again in a better venue. Check them out. Here's some video from The David Letterman show.

Another ACL Festival done come and gone.

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Nava said...

You must be exhausted...

Mando Mama said...

Wow, that is a heckuva weekend. What a list! And front and center for Bela Fleck! Whew! I haven't gone through all the links yet, but it looks like there is lots of good music in store. Austin seems a durn cool town when it's not 300 degrees in the shade in September.


Blueberry said...

The other time I saw Bela and band, it was at Stubb's, where you can easily reach out and touch a player on the toes... not that you should EVER do that!

If you visit here, keep in mind that it's summertime from May through September. Come then only if you want to know what it will really be like in summer. We are still burning 90s. Better than 100s though.