Thursday, September 27, 2007

Purrsday Night - Henry's checkup

Henry is proud of his weight, a nice normal 11.125 lbs. Not too fat, not thin. Just purrrrrfect. We took him to the vet because he has been coughing a little, and now he has been diagnosed with a mild case of asthma. MrB said half-jokingly "oh, I'll bet they have special little cat inhalers", and guess what... they do. We now have the AeroKat (shown in the little pic at right), but, knock on wood, have not yet had to use it. Henry has coughed a little occasionally, but so far nothing bad enough for an AeroKat session. This is all new to us, and apparently cat asthma is pretty rare and he doesn't fit the typical profile -- 1% of cats, mostly Siamese/Himalayan and youngsters. Henry is none of those, but he is 100% special so we are hoping that all goes well with him.

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Babeth said...

We hope you will adapt well Henry ! Grumpy Man has simian asthma and the AeroSimian he has to hiss into his mouth tastes awful ! We hope yours tastes better.
Many purrs,
Loup-Garou, Zorro, Bean Sidhe and Hrimnir from the House of Chaos