Monday, September 24, 2007

The last jungle on the left.

Here it is right past the equinox and time for a report on the change of seasons in the yard. This wet summer we've had has made everything grow like crazy, and I DO mean crazy! We would never be allowed to live where they have a Neighborhood Association -- nor would we want to live where they have one. I was not brought up to respect silly rules like that. Witness the striped house in the picture. My mother painted it that way (in 1968) as a way of saying "in your face!!" to the neighbors, and it got worse too. A story or two for another post there. Sorry... I wandered off... showing my age too. Back to the present day...

Here is one of the Summer Solstice pics and the post on it for comparison.
Fast forward to Now, and here are our Autumn colors. Orange has taken over the yellow, here is the new predominate flower. We don't know what it's called. It's something they were giving away over at The Natural Gardener. Click all to enlarge.
The front yard is always very tame compared to the back. It's a wonderful place if you are a bird... or a bee... or a spider (our orb weavers, aka zipper spiders, have both disappeared. I wonder where they will turn up next?)

You would be advised to stay on the path if you can find it!!! your head, and for pity's sake, watch out for pointy plants, snakes, geckos, spiders... and you'll need mosquito repellent!!


Ptelea said...

I'm with you on the neighborhood associations - who wants to live that way? Your yard looks great - I aim for the same wild abandon although in my case it doesn't have the loving care of you and Mr B. (and it shows) When I moved into my house 17 years ago there was a nice rock garden in front - completely buried now in whatever decided to grow - a few aspen, a shrubby maple - whatever!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

That looks almost tropical.

Blueberry said...

If it weren't for all the pointy stuff, I would say it needs a few monkeys.

Hill said...

I love it!!!!

It just says "Austin" to me. HATE those new developments with their identical yards.

Yours is simply gorgeous!


Mando Mama said...

Your yard is a bonifide habitat! It's absolutely gorgeous and inviting. It reminds me of the way my mother used to garden. A little slice of heaven you have there.