Monday, September 10, 2007

Tie. Die!

Found this amusing story via This Modern World. Lufkin, Texas, City Attorney Bob Flournoy put on this patriotic tie right after 9/11. Vowed to wear it until Osama Bin Laden was captured or killed. He figured he'd have it on just a few weeks at most... but darn it if he hasn't been wearing it for the past 6 years. I guess if you vow to do something, you are not allowed out of your vows even if they are stupid and don't make sense... but hey... anyway, he's kept his vow, and at least he didn't vow to kill a kitten a day or something like that.

Not only is the tie unsightly and smelly these days, it attracts a few flies... AND, the article says he wears sweaters to hide it even in the hundred degree heat.

The latest development in the saga is that he's decided that Bin laden must be dead... and if he isn't dead, he challenges him to prove it by Sep 11, and issued the following challenge:
"If by chance Bin Laden is not dead and proves it by Sept. 11th, I offer to meet him, man to man, at the park at City Hall and fight him to the death of one of us," Flournoy said.

Now, if the guy really is a believer in Dubya's party line, I thought the idea was to fight them over there, not invite Bin Laden to Lufkin!

(something tells me that Bin Laden will die of old age, still keeping a set of stupid vows and wearing his own version of a smelly tie that represents them)

Link to Lufkin Daily News article.


niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I also was naive enough to believe, in the days just after 9/11, that we would capture Bin Laden. A few days later an ex intel officer I use work with told me why we can't do that. Bin Laden will never be captured or killed by the U.S. becuase it would cause too many problems becuase:

1. The Bin Laden family
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Muslims have iconified him, and it would cause more Muslims to vow violence against us "infidels"

Bob will be wearing that tie for a long time. (I hope I'm wrong)

niCk (Mem Beth) said...

I will misspell "becuase" until Bin Laden is captured.

Undeniable Liberal said...

He or his substitute will never die because he is too useful to the fear mongers running our country into the ground.
Excuse me while I go hide under the bed and piss my pants.

Mando Mama said...

Bin Laden is right up there with Spinal Tap. In fact, last I heard he was touring with Spinal Tap.

Blueberry said...

I hope he IS touring with Spinal Tap, as the drummer! First of all, Tap rules and I want to see them. Second, their drummers tend to spontaneously combust or otherwise cease to exist. Combust? That's got to be a made-up word.

Lynn@zelleblog said...

I want to see OBL dance around that mini Stonehenge.

Talk about a hilarious juxtaposition.