Sunday, September 09, 2007

Shaun the Sheep meets Shaun of the Dead


Spent a lot of time at the Alamo Drafthouse watching new releases this weekend. Saw Black Sheep and Shoot 'Em Up. Both satirical and funny. I loved Paul Giamatti as a villian. It's a popcorn flick down to the last kernel.

I think that Black Sheep was my strong favorite of the two. Hilarious! It was filmed in New Zealand (what better place to do a sheep movie?) and made use of the WETA folks over there who did a lot of the movie magic for Lord of the Rings. The sheep-people looked a bit orc-ish at times, maybe intentionally? I would wager a dollar that Peter Jackson likes this one, especially considering his early films (the first one in particular). Anyway, the sheep are baaaadass. Impossible to come out of it without going through a day or so of sheep jokes.


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enigma4ever said...

I always love your movie always have such interesting things to think about.....

( this is E4e from Watergate Summer)