Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gary Primich

It was a very weird way to find out. I check my stats for keywords and such, and earlier this week a couple of people were searching for information about Gary Primich being dead. They found my blog because I have posted about him a few times. I looked through Google myself and turned up nothing, but today I have learned that he did pass away last Sunday, the 23rd. He was only 49. So far the cause of death has not been made public.

He was a fantastic blues harmonica player, and one of the only Chicago-styled blues guys in town (that I know about), it's a lot different from Texas blues or any other kind. I can't explain the difference to you, but if you are listening you can tell the difference for yourself. I don't know how many times we got to see him, most of the time it was at Jo's Coffee on First Thursday, sometimes at Momo's or elsewhere. The video above was shot at Jo's on First Thursday in March of this year. Gary will be missed, that's for sure.

Gary Primich Website

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Hi there blue! It's your long lost renegade wayward gay nephew in Cowtown, Texas! Just caught up on your blog. Our NPR station goes local and ecclectic on Sunday nights. I have made friends with the host in hopes of getting fresh music piped into my life. Hope ur well....

peace love and kittens!

Progressive Texas Chicano