Thursday, September 20, 2007

Throw away the key with the Constitution

Yes, I know. I'm disappointed too, just one damned thing after another. The hard reality is that there aren't enough non-Bushits to change anything. I am just trying to wait this stuff out (see the countdown clock on the sidebar) and always hoping for good news. I'm counting 6 Republicans and 1 Independent voting YEA... 1 Republican "unclear". Even McCain is a NO.

Click on the graphic to see how your Senators voted. Phone numbers provided, although my Senators are both red, and I'm sure that calls from those flaky dirty hippie Austinites are a source of endless amusement to Hutchenson and Box-turtle Cornyn.

News link.

Found via POAC.

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Undeniable Liberal said...

But hey, there's good news after all. The DID manage passing a resolution condemning a frickin' newspaper ad.