Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Sweet Buccaneer

I be aft from th' the steamin' yo ho ho weekend an' buried up t' me neck in tasks. No sign 'o daylight or calm seas. Jus' barely enough time t' remind ya sea dogs an' land lubbers that 'tis "Talk Like a Pirate Day", ya horn swogglin' scabrous dogs!

E'en th' famous George Harrison couldna resist th' urge. Viddy this:

Bloody links:
Pirate palooza
Need a leg up? Pirate Speak


Nava said...

Ahoy there, hold on, eh?

Great video!

enigma4ever said...

yar matey...I am goina avft to walk da Plank......can I 'ave a bit o'rum first ?

Blueberry said...

Yar!! Save some fer me!!!