Sunday, September 11, 2005

Bug blogging

It's finally raining here! Everything but the cactus has been withering, and we take a xeriscapist attitude toward the outdoors, if a plant is not supposed to grow here and can't take the extended periods of 100 degrees and sometimes no rain (...and give me a break, weather-people! If it's 97 that's hot enough to be a milestone of it's own. Stop telling me it's going to be cooler today when the high is expected to be 99! geeeeez louise!!! ---weather-rant over) then we will say our sad goodbyes. Better luck to the seeds.

We've been seeing quite a few of those biiiiiiiig roaches in the house. You know those 2 to 3 inch long guys that fly? This picture is about actual size, not sure if it's the exact species but the size is right. When I was living on the Gulf coast of Florida we saw MANY more of them, really... Texans shouldn't even complain... but here I go. heh heh. They seem to be coming in looking for water. hmmmm... that must be why they're called "water bugs" (also "palmetto bugs"). The data on them says that the rain will drive them indoors even more, so we might as well brace ourselves for company. There was one underneath the clear plastic cutting board late the other night, the board has little legs that lift it up where water can pool under it. Uuuuugh!! The other thing they like to do is walk upside down on the ceiling, which are too high to allow upside-down bug catching, and they could just drop down on you in your sleep from there. We don't kill them (except for using Chem-free pest control periodically, they have the least toxic methods and I mainly want to rid the house and yard of scorpions, fire ants and termites. The other bugs, unfortunately are collaterol damage). When we find one of these guys, we catch it and toss it outside.

You would think that cats would kill and eat something big and tasty like that, but that's not what has happened in our case. Two cats encountered one on the screened porch last week, Alex the little skinny cat made a beeline for the house, and big Duncan was oblivious to it, letting it crawl right under his tail. Well, actually I'm glad they don't want to eat them. All their food is expensive special or prescription stuff, which is gross enough on it's own, and I'd just as soon not get any kitty kisses after that. Errrg.

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EDIT 11/11/05: This post is proud to be included in The Carnival of the Cockroaches #4 at Blog d'Elisson!

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