Wednesday, September 28, 2005

In search of bread and water, morning not-so-routine.

The dryness is still driving the big boys inside looking for water. See this earlier post. There's been one in the kitchen for a week or so. He's fond of the sink basin and the apples in the fruit bowl. Uuuuugh!!! Yesterday I saw him first thing in the morning, but he escaped. He's a big 'un, about 3 inches! Then, I got in the shower, and even after checking the stall before getting in, there was another one in there with me. Nothing like being naked in a small enclosed area with a giant cockroach! Didn't know how I missed seeing him! Then today (after not seeing new buddy Cuka Rocka doing his apple-hopping in the kitchen), I again checked the shower stall before getting in, turned on the water... and there... squeezing into the shower through a drain hole was another big guy. What a sight! It was fit for a horror movie, except in that case there would have been hundreds of them! So my husband did all the wrangling duties, and they should be getting their taste of rainwater outside by tomorrow... we hope.

Fixing my lunch, I opened a fresh loaf of light bread, and I'm wondering if "light" means it lets light through, or if it just weighs less because it's hollow! I could wear this thing from a chain around my neck! There are many creative ways you could wear it, depending on your anatomy.

Enjoy your lunch, and if you're a giant cockroach, enjoy the apples before the eviction.

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