Friday, September 02, 2005

Mixed Blessing

Every time there's a big disaster that requires charity donations, there are always a large number of choices. During the tsunami relief cycle, it became evident that some charities were more efficient, or perhaps reliable than others, and then there are always some that are outright fraudulent. I personally stick to the secular ones who don't have an ulterior motive of evangelizing or otherwise conducting some kind of religious crusade... as though converting or assimilating the needy people is part of "helping" them.

For what it's worth, I have just learned (via J-Walk) that Operation Blessing, one of the charities that has popped up on the screen on CNN and others, is one of Pat Robertson's projects, and has received big funds under Bush's Faith-Based Initiative, apparently even though he criticized the fund.

For all I know, OB is doing a fine job of helping people out without crusading or pocketing the money... but Pat Robertson has been on my sh*t list for a long time, and personally I think I will stick with the Red Cross.
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Blueberry said...

grrrrr. Man, the spam has hit me today like the levee broke. Had to disallow anonymous comments.

Blueberry said...

I don't know what's better for keeping away spam, the word verification or disallowing anonymous. In experimental mode.

TLP said...

The Red Cross is good. Salvation Army's probably better.

It's sad that we have to worry about the orgs themselves. But we do.

Abram said...

Pat Robertson is dangerous in so many ways... I've donated to the Red Cross and United Jewish Communities.

I had a similar spam issue that went away whe I added the word verification stuff. So far no problems with that.

Great blog! Love the catblogging!

Blueberry said...

The word verification is working against the Spam so far, assuming that "jvpslnx" is a word. ;-)