Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Red Cross Examination

I found this link on J-Walk [Charity Confusion], and it's something to be very concerned about. I'm watching CNN and it seems to be one story after another about people NOT being helped through the channels that we believe are there for that purpose. The Red Cross (I believe) is trustworthy, but I also think that they are generally perceived to be the ones who are responsible for going the distance toward fixing these people and putting them back on their feet, so the Red Cross gets the lion's share of the donations even though they may not end up being used for that purpose. In reality a lot of the money will stay in their coffers for the next emergency, and not applied toward the continuing survival needs of these people who need help now.

It's all very complicated and I don't know where donations should be going right now. Is it Habitat for Humanity? The Food Banks? I wish someone would really sort this out. Seems like the money always gets huge amounts squandered and wasted by corporations, faith-based charities, and who knows? I don't think the Red Cross is corrupt, I just don't know if most of us understand their whole function and what's missing from it, at least I don't.

addendum 9/29: from AP: Red Cross Criticized, Urged to Share Cash

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