Sunday, September 18, 2005

Cacti and honeysuckles

Look at our pretty Texan yard! My husband is a really good gardener and braves the elements everyday to keep it looking like this. We favor native plants and like the "wild" look. I'm not sure there's any such thing as a weed, especially if it gets a flower on it at some point. We've been known to dig up grass and plant "weeds", heh heh. By "braving the elements" I don't just mean the heat. As I was taking these pictures, mosquitoes were eating me alive. I am talking SWARM. No one has been able to figure out where they are coming from. We keep all the water-bearing vessels dumped out or changed daily. We put in a screened porch last year, best investment EVER! Those little light specks you see on the agave are fresh raindrops.
- - -


kristinb said...

Wow! Your yard is really beautiful. Wish you could landscape our yard. I hate mosquitoes! I'm always afraid I'll get west nile virus too. Anyway, your yard looks fantastic!

Blueberry said...

Thank you very much! The mosquitoes are bad in summer though. We've got a bat house (empty), and try to get Purple Martins every year but then we don't have the heart to toss the sparrows or other non-Martins out after they've already started the nests. Those Congress Ave. bats don't know the meal they're missing here.