Friday, September 23, 2005

Reckless on Thursday

On Thursday I finally got off my butt and went to an outdoor event, stifling the whiny gremlin on my right shoulder telling me it's too hot or I've got too much work to do. (OK, he's telling the truth, but it's still whining)

Besides, it's always perfect weather at Shady Grove on Thursday night when they have the Unplugged shows. We waltzed in just before 8:00 when the music starts, and got 4th row seats!! Not sure how that happened. I think it must be magic.

I think I had a better time at this event than at the Erwin Center the night before where there were a few bigger guns. Shady Grove has an intimate back-porch atmosphere which is just great, and Reckless Kelly is just a really good band to see live! I'm not as familiar with them as I'd like to be, I've seen them just a couple of times. I think they are really more famous outside their Austin hometown than here. Check them out sometime, and Shady Grove too.

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