Friday, September 23, 2005

Oil Strike... I mean Spare

A few elements of the Religious Right have suggested that Hurricane Katrina happened because God was angry at low-life sinners and went all Sodom and Gomorrah on New Orleans. Well, we expected that from them, didn’t we? Hell, I guess those folks think that now He’s gunning for the ones that got away to Houston, trying to finish the job.

Seems to me, if I was going to create a plausible myth about why God is in a destructive mood, it now seems to make more sense to say that God is pissed about all the oil refineries! Makes you wonder why the Higher Being would keep taking aim in this general area. Einstein said “God does not play dice”. Well, maybe He prefers bowling.

(oh please don’t think I’m actually forming a theory here, I’m being facetious... besides, I don't even believe there's a big guy out there aiming stuff at our heads. Humans are destructive enough of the earth, themselves, and each other without needing outside help, just my humble opinion)

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