Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some relief from the blast furnace

Finally we get a nice day! It felt sooo good today, it is only supposed to get in the low 80s today after getting up to 106 yesterday (4 days in a row of record-breaking heat), topped off with a traffic jam at evening rush hour, hottest part of the day, that made the trip home take 2 hours! 20 degrees cooler today, and feels great!

I almost feel giggly, even in spite of being buried in work and getting this back-handed compliment:
REQUEST: A custom Powerpoint template for a new project
COMMENT ON RESULT: I didn't expect anything this nice.

Not sure if they expected lower quality, and if so... why?? I swear... one of these days I'll get some respect around here... or maybe not. Not until I'm dead and gone. Just being gone doesn't do the trick.

Well, I am not going to let the bastards get me down. It's beautiful and cloudy, we are seeing Serenity on Friday, Boggy Creek Farm reopens Saturday with... and what did you expect, this is Austin... LIVE MUSIC. Mundi will be playing. My favorite quote from a Mundi show: "Most of our songs are about trees or flowers. This one is about flowers". I wonder if they have any songs about home-grown tomatoes?

Don't know what's up Saturday night yet. Then Sunday is Del Castillo in San Marcos. My husband may go to the big Lance Armstrong/Sheryl Crow free show, but I don't think he's decided. I am just not particularly a fan of Sheryl Crow's music (although I'm sure she's a very nice person) even though I admire Lance. Oh well, too much to do. Again.

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