Monday, September 05, 2005

Not a quiet week at all

Wednesday (the 31st) we went down to the anti-war rally with Cindy Sheehan. There were some powerful speeches and musical pieces performed by Eliza Gilkyson and the Flatlanders. It was larger than other rallies I've been to here and I'm thinking that maybe the tide is turning when it comes to the way people feel about ending this war and about this president, esp. in the light of the government's handling of the Katrina disaster. At the very least, people feel that they (the powers-that-be) need to take care of the things that are most important first, the lives and well-being of our people. Priorities are horribly screwed up here.

We have several thousand refugees here in Austin, so this is more than close to home. I will probably be volunteering to help with the donation process, or whatever else they assign me to do. This is a long-term process and is going to need lots of helping hands and $$$. This whole thing is just heartbreaking, it's unimaginable.

On a more cheerful note, we had a nice music week, with 2 fantastic Greencards shows at the Saxon on Friday and another in Kerrville on Sunday. We had a great time at all of them. Had the opportunity to introduce Eric to a couple of the Cards so that was a little highlight after the Saxon, and Robert Earl Keen graced the stage as a surprise guest in Kerrville for a couple of songs. A little bird had told me that he'd be there so I wasn't surprised, heh heh. This was the Wine and Music Festival, a bit smaller than the more well-known Folk Festival. Very nice and mellow vibe.

The problem with going to Kerrville is the same as the nice part of it -- from Austin it's all backroads -- very pretty in daytime but treacherous at night. There were lots of deer on the sides of the roads waiting to cross, waiting for the headlights, that is. We had one encounter which luckily only resulted in the deer's foot glancing off the back of the car. We didn't even get a scratch out of it and I hope it was the same for the deer. FRIGHTENING!! I hate night driving. Didn't get home until 3 a.m. so half the day Monday was spent sleeping. A good way to spend Labor Day, huh?
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Jeen Lilly said...

..."Had the opportunity to introduce Eric to a couple of the Cards so that was a little highlight after the Saxon.."

Naaaaah!!!!? oh sure, give the Connecticutian a heart attack why dontcha!? Unless you have another Eric you might be talking about; may I assume this is the same Eric you recently gave a copy of the Greencards CD to, for a birthday gift..?
I'm guessing he really liked it! lol.
and... ah... how does the beard grow..? [blink, blink..]

Blueberry said...

Still growing. ;-)