Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall? What is falling, exactly?

Well, I really wimped out this weekend! It is mid-September and the temperatures are still near 100. I've had a "stay shady and cool" attitude instead of the "be tough and sweat it out" one I've had in the past. There were so many things going on... so many benefit shows and even free bashes that I wanted to go to.

Friday I took a half-day off thinking to go to the 6th Street to Bourbon Street benefit... ended up coming home, looked at other people's cat-blog entries, then took a nap. We ended up at the movie house (guaranteed to be ridiculously air-conditioned) watched War of the Worlds for the second time.

Saturday, it was either going to be Idlewild at the Parish, a show with doors at 10 and an opening act, or Grupo Fantasma at the Nutty Brown, an outdoor show. I got one of my famous tension headaches and after a lot of whining we stayed in all night.

Sunday (today) we were going to choose between all-day shows at Jo's Coffee and Central Market, both outdoor shows. Went to Jo's for lunch, then headed home to enjoy the AC for the rest of the evening. It was 99 degrees today (a tie for the record high for the day), and the forecast for the rest of the week looks nearly the same every day. Next Saturday I want to go to Waco from mid-afternoon until late, so I hope it cools down but it's not supposed to.

I know I am being very whiny and non-Texan about all this. I have lived here for going on 6 years and eventually I expect that I will be able to refer to this time of the year as Fall... but nothing is falling you know. Not leaves, and not temperatures. It's gosh-darn silly and ill-informed to call this Fall. [sigh] I need to toughen up and get back out there.
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Anonymous said...

That's the spirit.. :) But, hey...when it's hot, you don't feel much like being out & about..
However, looks like you have an exiting life, despite the heat!

Blueberry said...

I stay busy! Almost too busy... don't know how to handle "spare time". I need to take some lessons from these cats. ;-)