Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another one for EJ

Happy birthday to my favorite guitar player, one of the finest musicians in the world, native Austinite Eric Johnson. He always looks very young, due to clean living apparently, and can pass for 20 years younger [ssshhhhh.... he's 52]. Right now he's out on tour and in Connecticut tonight opening a show for "Stevie Guitar" Miller, who some people call the Space Cowboy, some call the Gangster of Love.

I really miss Eric. Since we moved here I have been able to see him play on the average of about once a month, give or take, but this year I haven't seen him since February. He's been on tour a lot this year with Joe Satriani and now Steve Miller and Sammy Hagar (and playing lots of headlining gigs too), so it's good exposure and I'm happy for him but still waiting for another home town show. There was a pair of shows in Dallas but that's officially a hassle going up there (not going to Beaumont for a show either). Anyway, light a candle on a vegan cupcake and raise a cup of herbal tea for Austin's own space cowboy. Pictured is his latest instructional DVD, which I have watched in amazement.

In honor of Eric's birthday, we are having the hottest day of the year here. Actually, every day this week has been hotter than the one before, but today could beat them all at possibly 105 degrees (yesterday was 104). So just hold that candle up. It might light itself. ;-)

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Ellie said...

Yes, Blueberry I do know what you mean. I've only seen him twice so far this year and I usually get 3 shows a year. So I'm hoping for anything within 300 miles this fall.

Wow it really is hot there. I hadn't been watching your weather since it's been so beautiful here.

Happy B Day coming up for you too.

Blueberry said...

Wow, Ellie, I have only seen him 3 times and live in the same town, so you are doing well. And I have an oops, I checked my calendar and the last time I saw him was March for the Chris Whitley thing, but he only played a few songs. Thanks for the B Day wishes.

Anonymous said...

he is my favorite guitar player also - even better unplugged!

Blueberry said...

Awesome unplugged too, and on piano!