Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Armadillos moving up

Two years ago, Missouri Department of Transportation maintenance workers in Franklin County weren't seeing armadillos among the road kill they clear from highways. Now they see about one a week, said spokeswoman Linda Wilson.

By contrast, maintenance workers in the Department of Transportation's 12-county region near Springfield see them "every day," said spokesman Bob Edwards, who said the numbers seem to increase every year.

The research scientist in the article says it’s “too early to say” whether it’s due to global warming. Maybe that’s true. It could be due to evolution. I guess it’s too early to say about that either.

The only place that I have ever seen a live armadillo was in the children’s area of the St. Louis Zoo. Cutest darned things ever. I know I don’t get out much. I definitely don’t spend much time in the rural areas of Texas, but even when taking a trip, all I’ve seen are the road-kill versions.

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Anonymous said...

An Aggie is driving along a rural road and comes upon an armadillo. He picks it up and puts it on the seat next to him. At the next town somebody sees this armadillo in the Aggie's truck and suggests he take it to the zoo. The next day the guy sees the Aggie coming through town in the other direction and there on the seat is the armadillo.

"I thought you were taking that armadillo to the zoo," he says.

"I did," replies the Aggie. "We had such a good time that I'm taking him to Six Flags today."

Blueberry said...

Love it! :-D