Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Just push -- and sharpen sometimes

Mr. Blueberry (the Lawn Ranger) has taken another step toward being an environmental hero. He has sold the electric mower (which was already considered a "green" alternative to the gas mower) and gotten this reel push mower. Pretty neat! There isn't a whole lot of grass left in this "green garden" and what is there is getting crispy in this weather. That's OK. With water restrictions inching up on us with this drought, people don't need to be wasting water trying to turn everything the color green. Just leave it alone and before you know it, it will look like Texas, especially if you nurture the cactus and wildflowers.

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Michael Bains said...

There were a couple of people using those in my old neighborhood.

And I managed to get the tip of my pointer finger cut off by one when I was a kid, so I know for a fact they're sharp enough for li'l ol' grass. 'Specially that brownish stuff.


Blueberry said...