Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not taking any chances with shampoo

Threat level at airports has been raised to Orange. You will not be allowed to bring any liquids on the plane with you, including hair gel or shampoo. Bummer... and glad I'm not flying anywhere. I hate checking luggage.

Why even have Threat levels Blue and Green? Those will never ever ever be used. Just something to boost the other colors up, I guess. Like carpet padding or insoles or the dirt at the very bottom of the planter.

EDIT Aug. 12: hmmm. Well, I guess I have to take back the last paragraph. In this story, it says: "The nation has never been below yellow since 2001 although Hawaii put itself at blue for a year after the national system was adopted. It has since upgraded to yellow."

Blue Hawaii. I guess they couldn't resist.


pissed off patricia said...

I agree about the damned threat levels. We aren't children. We don't need a coloring book to tell us what to do. The threat levels will be with us until the "war on terror" is over, which is never.

I feel so sorry for the people who were at the airport when the new rules popped up. They are having to toss some costly stuff.

Anonymous said...

Salta a la Poesía de las Ideas:

Blueberry said...

Anon: wish I could speak Spanish.