Friday, November 24, 2006

Friday Cat - Sick and tired

Here is Duncan in a pic taken yesterday. His front legs are shaved because of the IVs they used last week. It's been a rough week. Last Thursday, the 16th, is when his heart problem showed up, he spent that day, night, and next day at the vet. He was sent home with pills, which he has to have, but not only is he not a good pill-taker, they seem to be upsetting his stomach. Anyway, he is throwing up and barely eating. On Monday I took him back to the vet because he had only eaten about 2 tsps. of food in 3 days, and that came back out... so they gave him a shot of Reglan and a tin of Fancy Feast. Not his recommended food, but he needed to eat something, and he actually ate some of it. Friday, he goes back to the vet for a followup, and he may need something more for his tummy. Poor little baby.

Alex went to the vet on the 16th too, he's got chronic tummy troubles so he got some more meds which have made him seem very feeble and lethargic. He's been so meek that he's been allowed to mix with Henry and Duncan. He even allowed Henry to smell his butt. This is like hell freezing over.

In good news, Henry seems to feeling fine, and so is Jax except that he needs a steroid shot Friday for his itchy skin (he licks the hair off, then licks the skin off, then the scabs, etc.). It works for about a month.

EDIT post-vet-visit Friday evening: Well, it's not good news. Duncan's blood work now shows kidney failure as well. This is a lot to deal with, and our main concern right now is getting him to eat enough to sustain him. He is in a good mood, and even a little playful. Mr. B has learned how to give him shots, so he will get his meds that way or smeared on the ear from now on. Less stressful for everyone, and more reliable than pilling. Sorry about having another downer for catblogging. :-(

EDIT Saturday: As if that weren't enough for one week, we have now had to take Alex to the vet in an emergency. He was getting more and more lethargic since his vet visit last week, but his symptoms progressed early this morning to being dizzy, disoriented, he was falling down, and very very weak. He is on IV fluids right now and we don't know anything yet, but their first impulse was that he was having a toxic reaction to one of his new meds. That makes sense to me. Still waiting for news. We will be transporting him to the night/weekend emergency vet very shortly, and we may learn more then. EDIT Saturday afternoon: Looks like we are dealing with metronidazole toxicity. He will be hospitalized all weekend and possibly beyond. EDIT Monday: Alex will be coming home this afternoon, but his recovery could be a long one as he will be dizzy and disoriented for an unknown length of time. We will need to make sure that wherever he is that a fall would bring a soft landing. Roaming loose in the house is off-limits as there are stairs.

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BBC said...

Maybe Henry is in customs, where nothing is above suspicion. :-)

I hope that things are well soon. Hugs

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mommie to your cats. I've always said you can judge a person's character by the way they treat their pets. So you must be one heck of a good person. :-)
Have a fun day today. Can you tell me what club my new fave flamenco artist plays at? I would so love to go hear him.


Oh poor Duncan. I hope he feels much better soon! Nothing is as difficult as having one of your babies not feeling good. I would much rather it be me.

FreakyNick said...

I hope things get better for Duncan and friends soon. Wishing you all well. Hugs

Babeth said...

Hang in on there, feline friends ! Especially Duncan.
The feline denizens of the House of Chaos.

Hang in on there, simian caretakers of Duncan and Alex, Henry and Jax ! Much love and courage.
The simian denizens of the House of Chaos.

Ptelea said...

I am very sorry to hear of the continuing crises of your kitties. As if one sick kitty is not enough to deal with! Hang in there - I am hoping for a good outcome for both Duncan and Alex.

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see if there's been any improvement. Best wishes to the felines and to you, too, Blueberry.

Irishcoda said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Duncan's health problems and that Alex got so sick too! Hope they are both much better now, good as new!