Monday, November 13, 2006

Seen any good movies lately? Any stinkers?

This one is really good! It stars Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, but they are not really the main stars - so many of the characters have equal weight with theirs. The stories are inter-connected through what is happening with them. There are 3 connected stories involving 4 cultures (the 4th cultural element is shown where it is out of context, and out of place. It's a clash).

Brad Pitt IS really good in this, and may get a Best Actor nom, but I will be very disappointed if Adriana Barraza doesn't get a Supporting Actress nom. She is absolutely great as the nanny! Maybe my favorite character.

(When is that stodgy old Academy going to drop that old actor/actress terminology? They are all actors. Call them female and male actors if you like. I've heard plenty of women in that profession refer to themselves as actors, and I think it's progressive. Gender-specific titles just generally bug me. Pet peeve. OK, parenthetical rant over.)

I expect to see this movie nominated for Best Picture. People compare it to Crash since that one also had interconnected stories, but I think it mops the floor with Crash. I wasn't a fan of that one.

Babel IMDB listing --- Official website

In other movie news, The Departed is also a really good movie. DiCaprio is the guy to beat this year. I don't think Brad Pitt will quite do that. Another potential Best Picture nom here too.

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