Monday, November 20, 2006

TMZ gets the goods on another racist

They are the ones, as I recall, who were the first to get the scoop and footage on Mel Gibson's last big PR mistake. Mel Gibson is a big enough star with enough diverse entertainment accomplishments (plus there was supposedly rehab...) to be able to keep his career and most of his fans (hey... they had to already know about the anti-semitism if they were fans, you hear about that stuff eventually when you focus on a celeb).

But this is Michael Richards, Seinfeld's Kramer. Basically known for, well... pretty much that, and making a living as a standup comedian. Here's the link for their story and video. He needs to learn the same lesson that Kinky Friedman needs to learn (as pointed out by Molly Ivins), certain words might be funny out of the mouths of Chris Rock or Richard Pryor, but... ummm... those guys are African-American. He's not, and it's not even funny when he says it. Some of the audience were laughing, some were angry or shocked, sounds like most of them just wanted their money back. Michael Richards, that was stupid.

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FreakyNick said...

Funny how anger and a few drinks can bring out the "honesty" in some people.

Undeniable Liberal said...

I read the transcript and all i can say is....WTF?????

Blueberry said...

At least he has apologized, and I'll bet he really is sorry he did it because this episode has hurt his career. As they say:

Worst. Episode. Ever.

BBC said...

That was interesting. But I don't know him well enough to know if he is really racist or not. Maybe he just screwed up. I'm not even going to think about it any more. There are bigger things to fuss about. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Sad, really. He used to be so funny on Seinfeld. Who knew?
OT. Sorry, but that cat pilling thing is still HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

The classless and rude "niggers" who interuppted and heckled a man attempting to earn a living and entertain people who paid to see him are the true villians. When a man kills, rapes, or beats a black or any other different race solely for the color of his/her skin that is a racist. When a person discriminates against another and prevents that person from getting a job or a promotion, or denied housing or education solely because of their ethnicity or skin color that is a racist. Those are broad discriminatory actions that are deragactory and aimed to hurt and degrade solely on the basis of race. Those actions are racist, by racist people. When a person of another race calls someone else a name like nigger, or nigua, cracker, or mother fucker that is simply ugly behavior that is rampant in todays society when someone is angry and/or upset. The historical use of the term nigger makes it a very effective word when someone is angry at a black person which is why it is used. I am not condoning that behavior but it goes on because everyone today thinks they have the right to get in your face. There are no standards, no respect, no manners, no civility. Just look at the negative ads run recently by our politicians, the supposed leaders of our society. Our nation and society is becoming rude and crude and quickly decending into the mob mentality and zealotry that we witness in the middle east. Blacks need to be very careful about continuing to call everything racist because a backlash is building and many whites are getting tired of it. Yes there are racists out there and they need to be identified and punished but lets stop using that label so loosely and keep crying wolf falsely to simply exploit situations. You don't like the mans act then leave but you don't have the right to yell out during his performance. People didn't pay money to listen to those two niggers, they paid to see a comedian. The NBA is removing white fans who cuss and yell racist slurs at black atheletes to keep the athletes from going into the stands and because it is the right thing to do. Maybe comedy clubs need to start removing hecklers, because it is also the right thing to do. I am not a racist. Some of my best friends are black. There is a long list of blacks who I admire in sport, journalism, military, politics, entertainment, etc. Many blacks have done well in this country and are generals, senators, CEO's, millionaires, etc. because this is the land of opportunity. I haven't taken a poll but I'm sure if asked many whites would use the term nigger to describe OJ but few would use it to describe Denzel. If that means the majority of whites are racist, then let the Helter Skelter begin, but I think people black and white just want to be treated with respect and civility. The real and bigger problem is not racisim in America, it is the loss of the golden rule, which cuts across all lines race, nationality, sex, income and age. Freedom is not anarchy, it comes with certain shared rules, values, and responsibilities. I believe in freedom of speech, but if we don't temper that with manners
and some degree of respect then freedom of speech will also come to mean rudely interrupting and actually preventing speech. It means retaliating behavior and anger which may and will escalate into inciting and hateful speech or worse violent and hateful behavior. It is like the rude obnoxious people on the Jerry Springer show are multiplying and they aren't just on few on a sound stage somewhere they appear to be everywhere you turn in public, no neighborhood is safe with from them. Two wrongs don't make a right but it was the behavior of the two cowardly unidentified blacks that started this episode, and while the anger and words spoken in retaliation and out of frustration by Michael Richards were definitely wrong, over the top, and ingtended to hurt and embarass these rude individuals he is not a racist and his apology should only be extended to those who came to see his show and were offended by his response and/or didn't get to see his complete act uninterrupted. I also believe the blacks who heckled should be identified and not allowed to escape the scrutiny they deserve. The Laugh factory needs to set a policy of either no heckling or you will be removed with no refund or hecklers beware meaning you will be verbally abused by the person on stage and you may even get your ass kicked by patrons who didn't pay to listen to a drunk (or in the case of the sober an idiot) yell out repeatedly trying to impress his date, possie and homies.

Bro, can't we all just get along? United and Free with respect and dignity for all.

Let's try!

Blueberry said...

The hecklers were “rude”. That doesn’t make them “niggers”. Their ethnicity had nothing whatsoever to do with yelling out to him that they didn’t think he was funny. Heckling is commonplace in comedy and sports, as well as at political gatherings and even rock concerts. It’s not necessarily a nice thing to do, but it’s done all the time. Comedians are supposed to be able to handle that, or at least be used to it.

Regardless of what some white people would call O.J. Simpson, I would not call him a “nigger”, I would call him a “murderer”. See the difference there? His ethnicity doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t matter. If it does matter, then we have racism.

Richards was doing a lot more than name-calling. Sounded to me like he was defending some of the atrocities that were committed by one ethnic group of people against another one, as though it was justified (by what? their hatred and bigotry?) The hecklers were rude, but they were right. It wasn’t funny.

Anonymous said...

The two African American hecklers who called Michael Richards a Cracker please apologize to the American people. I don’t care which show you appear on just do it because it is racist and has offended many people.

Blueberry said...

Anon#2, that's complete bullshit. Next time take the hood off and identify yourself. There are plenty of pro-Aryan blogs out there that will welcome comments like that.

Blueberry said...

The last 2 racist comments left here rather recently have been put in the trash can, if anyone is looking for them.
-Blueberry (this is my place, you can post that shit on your own blog but not here)