Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smile on a Stick

I brought my Smile on a Stick to work with me today. Sometimes you just need a little help. One little thing to smile about is that Lloyd Doggett, the Representative now covering our area, is not in trouble. He is popular and expected to win. He actually repesents my views. I am not used to having that. Yay Lloyd!

Other than that I am just generally grumpy. A bit overworked and overly humbuggy and depressed over the upcoming holiday season. Get your own Smile on a Stick here (you may have to call an 800 number to locate a store). They come in a variety of styles, including multi-cultural and some holiday versions.


pissed off patricia said...

If this election goes the way I hope it does, the smile on my face will be there forever. I won't need a smile on a stick. But they are just as cute as can be.

Anonymous said...

I'm with POP. Just the thought of the Dems gaining power makes me downright giddy.

Undeniable Liberal said...

Nice touch, smile on a stick at work. I might try that.
I used to play the theme from Mr Rogers on the PA First thing in the morning......and it actually cheered people up, which a rare treat where I work.
Must have a smile on a stick.

FreakyNick said...

I need to superglu that to my face here! (work)

Anonymous said...

LOL...(gotta get me one of those smiley sticks.)

Michael Bains said...

Hey! Congrats on Doggett's win!

I've had two of the most Liberal of US Reps in the last two places I've lived. One of whom, the inimitable Dennis freakin' Kucinich has been a political hero of mine since childhood.

BTW, I think they sell those "Smiles" at Spencer's Gifts and other such silly shops. I know I've seen 'em here and there around C-Town.

I'm just such a silly smiling human that, even when I'm sunk in depression, I simply don't need one. lol!